Help! Ethel the Editor took over my blog!

WORDY WEDNESDAY Help!  Ethel the Editor not only took over Carla's blog today, she hijacked mine, to boot!  The only problem is our dear Ethel only left me the words and NOT the answers.  To find out the meaning of these words, follow Ethel's blackmail note below:  It mysteriously appeared on my blog sometime in the middle of the night!. TO:  JoJo FROM:  Ethel the Editor SUBJECT:  Wordy Wednesday Sorry, JoJo, but your blog is mine today.  bwahahaha!!!  And get this. . . so is Carla's.  I'm gonna stump your readers today.  How?  With E-words!!!  You write e-books, you and Carla send way too many e-mails, you send out an e-newsletter and the best thing. . . Ethel starts with "E"!!!!!  So here's five great E-words for you and your audience.  The only problem is, to see what these words mean, you will have to go to an online dictionary or, the easier way, just go to Carla's blog: . . . oh, excuse me. . . I mean ETHEL'S BLOG!!!  Here's the words.  I'm betting that YOU don't know what they mean.  Maybe some of your readers do?  I'm betting that your smarty pants daughter, you know, the almost sophomore at Vanderbilt University knows them all. . . so under no circumstances are you to show this post to her!!!  If you do, I just may have to hijack FIMM next time!!! (1)  epexegesis (2)  epigone (3)  epigeal (4)  exiguous (5)  expunge REMEMBER:  The answers can be found at any online dictionary site or at Carla's blog. . . or make that ETHEL'S BLOG. . . Watch out, JoJo. . . Ethel is beginning to love blogging and I may claim more than one day in the future!  The next time you get a memo, it may be from Ethel the Editor, GUEST BLOGGER at ARTOFELOQUENCE.COM!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  • Joan

    Well, I thought I knew what the meanings of at least two of the words but winds up I only know one of them… expunge, as to expunge a court record.
    I can’t think of a reason to use the other words unless I was creating a binding contract in very small print. (lol)

  • Laurie Neumann


    I just left my sentence on Carla’s blog! Those are some great words – never heard any of them before.

  • Cindy Holman

    Now I have to find out what these words mean too!

  • jojosblog

    Oh no…Ethel got Carla all riled up! This could be fun!!! ROFL Ethel’s good though, isn’t she?

  • Carla

    UH-OH. . . she got you, too, eh? Come on over to my place and see what she did there.

    Just you wait, Ethel! I’m plotting my revenge as I write this. And I can promise you one thing. . . it’s gonna be GOOD! {{{WEG}}} Think you can just beat up on us like this and get away with it? You’re just an epigone, Ethel. :) AND. . . just you wait!!! Carla may be old, but she’s not quite out of tricks yet. . . :)

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