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Feelings are like Flubber

I got my TEACH Magazine the other day. I was so happy. I missed the last issue. Somehow it never made it to me.  Most of you know that I just have to have my TOS and my TEACH!  Well, Lorrie Flem is a dear lady. I've had her on Grace Talk Soup and she was one of the Keynote Speakers for the Say What You Mean Convention last year. There are so many wonderful articles in this issue!  One that caught my attention was the one called "Ordinary Obedience Following Flubber."  It talks about how she met her dh and how her feelings for him went back and forth early on.  She says feelings are just like Flubber. "Feelings...

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Do you have an unusual testimony or ministry?

Then Grace Talk Soup is looking for YOU!   Do you have a unique testimony?  Did you lead someone to the Lord?  Do you have a ministry or mission in life that would be of interest to my listeners?  Contact me and tell me a bit about it!  I am looking to schedule guests for 2009. Grace Talk Soup is where you can find me "Boldly Serving Up God's Word with a Side Order of Grace and Humor" each Thursday morning at 8am PST/11am EST. I share news of importance to the Christian community as well as  tips on effective communication, especially where it relates to sharing and defending the Christian faith.   My guests share their testminony, ministry and their...

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