Feelings are like Flubber

I got my TEACH Magazine the other day. I was so happy. I missed the last issue. Somehow it never made it to me.  Most of you know that I just have to have my TOS and my TEACH!  Well, Lorrie Flem is a dear lady. I've had her on Grace Talk Soup and she was one of the Keynote Speakers for the Say What You Mean Convention last year. There are so many wonderful articles in this issue!  One that caught my attention was the one called "Ordinary Obedience Following Flubber."  It talks about how she met her dh and how her feelings for him went back and forth early on.  She says feelings are just like Flubber.
"Feelings are cold and hot squishy and firm.  They break apart, but easily meld together with firm guidance of obedience and commitment."
I think that your communication changes with your feelings too.  When you are in love, you talk about how cute it is that he leaves his dirty laundry on the floor. But by the time your 1st anniversary rolls around, you are tired of picking up his dirty laundry off the floor so you no longer feel it's cute.  You then spend much of your time communicating to him in a way that isn't as God would have a wife speak to her husband. So your feelings and your communication can be like flubber running both hot and cold.  It's our commitment to our marriage or friendships or our Lord that helps us speak in a more godly way. For more communication tips and fun, check out Art of Eloquence.com


  • MeritK

    Yes! I am always telling my children something similar to this, but this phrase will really stick with them! I love it :0) Thanks for sharing about TEACH, I don’t get that one, but I will have to check it out. I appreciate your reccomendations.

  • Cindy Holman

    So true! I love the quote from that article about feelings – because that’s exactly how I feel – they are neither right or wrong sometimes – just misguided. Our feelings and emotions can be like “flubber” – kind of squishy – with no substance without guidance.

  • jojosblog

    Your welcome! I love TEACH too.

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