Do you have an unusual testimony or ministry?

Then Grace Talk Soup is looking for YOU!   Do you have a unique testimony?  Did you lead someone to the Lord?  Do you have a ministry or mission in life that would be of interest to my listeners?  Contact me and tell me a bit about it!  I am looking to schedule guests for 2009. Grace Talk Soup is where you can find me "Boldly Serving Up God's Word with a Side Order of Grace and Humor" each Thursday morning at 8am PST/11am EST. I share news of importance to the Christian community as well as  tips on effective communication, especially where it relates to sharing and defending the Christian faith.   My guests share their testminony, ministry and their missions.  I also have Open Discussion shows on various topics of interest to the Christian community where you can come and share your thoughts and experiences.  A great way for you or your teens to hone your communication and public speaking skills! Some of My Former Guests: Stephen Kendrick, Co author of The Love Dare and Fireproof! Pastor Bob Cushman, author of What if You Pray? Lorrie Flem, publisher of TEACH Magazine Bette Dowdell, author of How to Be a Christian without being Annoying FIMM, Hear Foot in Mouth Man speak for the first time! Capt'n Richie, Coma Survivor! Cindy Rushton, of Talk A Latte and UHSE shares her testimony on air for the first time! Cathi-Lyn Dyck, shares her story of the side effects of her abortion and what the Drs don't tell you! Bill Phillips, Street Evangelist in the news who was threatened with arrest as he shared the Gospel! Open Discussion Topics coming up: March 12th, Hecklers and the Lost Art of Civility Later this year: How Does God Speak to You?, Big Church or Small Church?, What is Grace?, The Language of Leadership, Christian Buzz Words, What is Your Communication Personality?, 21 Days to More Godly Communication, The Bible on Parenting, Marriage... Come share YOUR unique story!

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