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My sincere apologies

I don't normally post on the blog on Tuesdays, but I have a bit of apologizing to do.  Though we have no idea how or why, sometime prior to our Birthday Bash, the settings for the Art of Eloquence website inexplicably changed requiring all new customers setting up an account (trying to order for the first time) to be "approved" before they could place their order.  The only customers who were able to purchase recently were those who had already set up their customer account (ordered) in the past. We have since approved all new customer accounts and our webmaster has changed the setting back. All of you who had tried to order recently should now be able to go...

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5 Reasons Why the Silent Treatment Doesn't Work

This week's word is really a term: Silent Treatment.  This is a term (and a technique) used when someone has "done you wrong" and you pay them back by refusing to speak to them.  I recently saw a commercial for some silly show or other where the gal claimed the silent treatment was not effective because men like it!  She said if you really wanted to get your husband mad, you don't give them the silent treatment; you continue to talk to him!  lol Well, this got me thinking about how effective the silent treatment really is in every day, real life.  And you know what?  It isn't!  Why?  I'll give you five reasons: 1. They may rather like it! As...

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