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The Language of Leadership Now Available!

Say What You Mean: The Language of Leadership is finally   here! Leadership is all the buzz right now, but leadership is so much more than power or charisma.  Leadership, Godly Leadership, true leadership, is so much more than that! Leaders are not just politicians. Leaders are not just heads of companies. * Parents need leadership skills. *Those in charge of church projects need leadership skills. * Any business owner and any employee who desires to get ahead needs leadership skills. * Those in the MLM, Direct Sales or Network Marketing business need leadership skills. * And those wishing to fulfull The Great Commission need leadership skills. The Language of Leadership is an 18 week course where you will gain inspiration. ...

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Godly Leadership on Tomorrow's Grace Talk Soup Show!

God’s Kingdom needs Godly leaders!  In order to fulfill this role, a Godly leader needs to understand what a leader really is.  Not only does he need to understand the mission and what is required, but he needs to be able to convey its benefits to others and that he is capable of leading others to that eventuality. In my upcoming book, The Language of Leadership, I will explore what a leader looks like, what a leader sounds like, what a leader says, what a leader isn’t, how to convey leadership, what to do to show others you can lead, the 16 Biblical qualities of a leader and how to convey confidence when you’re not quite so confident that what...

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