The Language of Leadership Now Available!

SWMLL 4001 Say What You Mean: The Language of Leadership is finally   here! Leadership is all the buzz right now, but leadership is so much more than power or charisma.  Leadership, Godly Leadership, true leadership, is so much more than that! Leaders are not just politicians. Leaders are not just heads of companies. * Parents need leadership skills. *Those in charge of church projects need leadership skills. * Any business owner and any employee who desires to get ahead needs leadership skills. * Those in the MLM, Direct Sales or Network Marketing business need leadership skills. * And those wishing to fulfull The Great Commission need leadership skills. The Language of Leadership is an 18 week course where you will gain inspiration.  If you feel, as many great leaders have,  unprepared for the mission He has you on,  The Language of Leadership will teach you... * Why we need leadership skills * What a leader isn't * 16 Biblical qualities of a leader * Why a leader needs effective communication skills * What a leader looks like * How to package yourself as a leader * Powerful leadership words/speech * and so much more! It's available as an eBook packed with tips and embedded links for further resources and as an online course available to ANYONE who resides in your home for NO EXTRA CHARGE! It makes a fabulous homeschool study, the perfect course for adults of any age no matter what type of leadership they are destined for.  AND it is easily used for Co op classes where you can teach for less because you don't need a teacher's handbook, a test manual or even to purchase a different study for each individual student!  Just purchase a small license fee of $10 per 10 extra students! Click here to find out more about this long awaited study and online course!

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  • Carla

    Oh, I am sooooooooooooo thrilled to see this up and ready for your readers, JoJo!!!!! This is one great book! I should know. . . as your editor, I read every word. . . TWICE!!! LOL

    Seriously, though, it has lots and lots of good stuff in it for everyone. What, you say you’re not interested in a leadership position? Maybe not, BUT. . . and that but’s bigger than mine. HAH! Everyone’s life includes moments where you have to take charge, be it over your kids, your job, at the grocery store, in traffic. . . just think about it. How many decisions do you make on a daily basis? That’s leadership! And for the Direct Sales Ladies. . . this book is ESSENTIAL. The real money in Direct Sales is in your downline. The way to a big downline? LEADERSHIP SKILLS!!!

    Just buy this one, folks! You will NOT be sorry. . . Ethel the Editor pinkie promises ya!

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