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How Important Are Communication Skills...REALLY?

I've been teaching communication skills both online and off since 2002 when I wrote my first study for homeschoolers called Say What You Mean for Teens!  From there, I created this website where I have written several homeschool speech communication materials, several studies for adults, and written hundreds of blog posts!  I've had several of my articles published by homeschool magazines like The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Homeschooling Today and several of those articles have been picked up by Crosswalk .com and Dr Laura .com.  Art of Eloquence materials have been awarded "Homeschool Approved" by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and are endorsed by the Home School Legal Defense Association which links to my materials from their site.   However, in the...

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HSLDA Recomends Art of Eloquence Studies!

The other day my friend, editor and co host, Carla Ives, called to tell me that she just read HSLDA's Weekly Update and found that they had recommended two of Art of Eloquence's speech communication studies! "3. Public Speaking for High Schoolers Good public speaking skills are essential for your teen. Family, friends, and neighbors make great audiences, and your teen will be more motivated to do his best when he knows others will benefit from his presentation. " "For help in teaching public speaking see these other resources: 'Say What You Mean for Teens' 'Know Your Audience'" I had received their update, but had not yet read it!  What an honor to have an organization like the...

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