HSLDA Recomends Art of Eloquence Studies!

The other day my friend, editor and co host, Carla Ives, called to tell me that she just read HSLDA's Weekly Update and found that they had recommended two of Art of Eloquence's speech communication studies!
"3. Public Speaking for High Schoolers Good public speaking skills are essential for your teen. Family, friends, and neighbors make great audiences, and your teen will be more motivated to do his best when he knows others will benefit from his presentation. " "For help in teaching public speaking see these other resources: 'Say What You Mean for Teens' http://www.hslda.org/elink.asp?id=6425 'Know Your Audience' http://www.hslda.org/elink.asp?id=6426"
I had received their update, but had not yet read it!  What an honor to have an organization like the Home School Legal Defense Association recommend my speech communication studies! Art of Eloquence has been so blessed to have received such positive feedback over the years and from some major homeschooling organizations like The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I think our studies have resonated with so many because speech communication skills can be so initmidating for shy kids or seem boring to others.  I was a painfully shy child and the only way you could get me to study speech communication was at gunpoint!  So while studying the subject in college, I discovered that, if it is presented in a fun way, even SPEECH can be a fun course to take! Communication skills are something the Lord talks about hundreds of times in His Word.  It's a vital subject for every day life with family as well as in our careers.  If you would like to see what all the FUN's about, check out our full line of creative Christian-based, speech communication studies as well as all our free resources at Art of Eloquence.com. Even shy children love our speech course!


  • Carla

    Didn’t shock me one bit when I saw that! JoJo’s studies are used and loved by all for one basic reason: THEY WORK! People think of speech as solely giving speeches. But guess what? You can get through your entire life without giving ONE speech, but you can’t get through even ONE day of your life without communication something to someone! Public speaking is simply communication and it’s not scary at all, once you learn with JoJo’s knowledge and her most excellent sense of humor! Art of Eloquence studies are truly Communication FUNdamentals. I am so glad to see that the world is finally realizing what I have known all along, as I have been blessed to edit a lot of these works. Am I prejudiced because of that? YOU BETCHA!!! Enjoy the recognition, my dear friend. It is sooooooooo richly deserved!

  • jojosblog

    Thanks so much Carla! The studies wouldn’t be so well-received without your fabulous eagle eye in editing!

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