How Important Are Communication Skills...REALLY?

I've been teaching communication skills both online and off since 2002 when I wrote my first study for homeschoolers called Say What You Mean for Teens!  From there, I created this website where I have written several homeschool speech communication materials, several studies for adults, and written hundreds of blog posts! 

I've had several of my articles published by homeschool magazines like The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Homeschooling Today and several of those articles have been picked up by Crosswalk .com and Dr Laura .com. 

Art of Eloquence materials have been awarded "Homeschool Approved" by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and are endorsed by the Home School Legal Defense Association which links to my materials from their site.  

However, in the last 16 years since I began writing all these materials, I've seen an alarming decrease in any interest in effective communication!  It's alarming because, as I've shared many times here on the Art of Eloquence site, poor communication skills is one of the leading causes of relationship problems between people and peoples (cultures and nations).  Not only that, but studies have found that those with effective communication skills live a much more productive and happy life.  

An article came to my attention that stunned me and I have to share it with you because it's eerily similar to one I wrote many years ago called, The Top Ten Reasons to Learn Communication Skills, and many other articles I have shared here on the site!  Not only does it talk about most of the very same issues I covered in many of my previous articles, but it comes at a time when most people are content to remain untrained in these skills...saying they have a right to speak any way they like while simultaneously becoming angry when others say something that offends them.  

If you don't learn the skills that will upgrade your life or teach them to your child so they will have a leg up on theirs by reading my blog articles, maybe you'll feel differently when you read this: The Importance of Communication Skills

There is no getting around the fact that communication skills are vital. You may choose to ignore it, but you and your children will suffer because of it.  


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