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"Shopping w/my daughter"

Technology can be used for good or for evil.  It can be a source of miscommunication and a reason society has been lax in learning to communicate effectively.  However, it is also a tool that may be used to aid in effective communication and strengthen relationships. So yesterday I was at Walmart with my husband and my son doing our weekly shopping and getting a few Christmas gifts on our list.  As I was coming back from sneaking a gift for my son (Shhhh! Don't tell him I told you, now!), I saw my dh on the cell phone.  It was my 19 y/o sophomore college girl who now lives 1800 miles away!  We are a tag team, my dh...

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Free tips on conflict resolution

My friend, Penny Raine, is having Favorite Friday Freebies on her blog.  She is posting all the free and nearly free items she can find.  Too cool, huh?  She's asked others to help her find freebies. I have been offering freebies, gifts and special offers to my newsletter subscribers.  These are all things that are ONLY available for my subscribers.  Well, this month I have started to give away a series of articles on conflict.  I have been giving away tips you can use to avoid conflicts or to resolve conflicts with family, friends and business acquaintances.  These articles will eventually be compiled and turned into a book on conflict, but you can gain all the benefits of my experience...

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