Free tips on conflict resolution

My friend, Penny Raine, is having Favorite Friday Freebies on her blog.  She is posting all the free and nearly free items she can find.  Too cool, huh?  She's asked others to help her find freebies. I have been offering freebies, gifts and special offers to my newsletter subscribers.  These are all things that are ONLY available for my subscribers.  Well, this month I have started to give away a series of articles on conflict.  I have been giving away tips you can use to avoid conflicts or to resolve conflicts with family, friends and business acquaintances.  These articles will eventually be compiled and turned into a book on conflict, but you can gain all the benefits of my experience right now by simply subscribing to my newsletter, "What's New at Art of Eloquence?"   The newsletter is free and we will NEVER sell or give away your email address! In addition to this exclusive series on conflict, you will receive other freebies, special gifts and exclusive offers ONLY for our subscribers.  Click here to subscribe!

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  • Felice

    Great info, JoJo! Thanks for the tip.

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