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Be Our Guest!

We have some fun planned for you this Thursday! I also have a reminder about how you can get some free advertising for your ministry/business. And I want to remind you about our membership drive for the GTS Facebook Fan Club where you each member can get a free gift! See below: --------------------------------------------------- THIS WEEK'S SHOW: This Thursday Grace Talk Soup is having an Open Discussion show on how culture and accents and nationality can affect communication and we would LOVE for you to call in to share! Do people misunderstand you because of an accent? Do you find a gesture means something different where you grew up? Do your kids correct you because you are from NY and say...

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Are you happy now?!

A while back I had  a strange customer service experience when ordering my cell phone.  The entire incident was hilarious with lots of communication faux pas and I'm sure I'll be sharing that at another time.  Sometime soon Carla and I will be having a Grace Talk Soup show on cultural and regional differences on communication.  This little tidbit is a great warm up for that show. The customer service department for Best was apparently in India where they have extensive training in various aspects of the English language in order to converse with customers here in America.  However, some cultural or regional differences or perhaps American customs and expressions  in communication were apparently not addressed. After a quite...

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