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It's Natl Win with Civility Month

August is National Win with Civility Month!  With all the horrible things you hear people say to each other these days, isn't this a wonderful thought?  How can we celebrate this month?  What can we do to further civility in America and around the world? Let's not compromise our beliefs or leave unsaid the things that should be said, but let's find ways to promote civility this month.  Not like these guys to my left here! lol I posted about this on my Facebook wall last year asking folks to repost it on their FB wall in support of civility and was disappointed it didn't get as much participation.  This year, I'd love to get more support for civility and...

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Christian Pro Marriage Speech Shut Down by Profane Professor

This was in my inbox the other day: In a public speaking class, student, Jonathan Lopez shared his beliefs on faith and marriage which was within the parameters of the assignment.  After reading the definition of marriage from the dictionary, Professor John Matteson of Los Angeles Community College called him a 'fascist [expletive]' and told the class that anyone who was offended could leave the classroom.  When nobody left, Professor Matteson dismissed the class so as not to allow the Christian student to continue his speech. "You just cannot shut down student speech like that," states French, who explains that Lopez was well within the confines of his professor's assignment, and that the professor's actions not only constitute viewpoint discrimination...

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The Lost Art of Civility: The Civility Project

FINALLY!  Somebody gets it!  In this fascinating article by the Jerry Falwell Ministries, Jonathan Falwell points out a growing concern I have had about our society for many years. "In 2007 on the Fox News Channel, Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera went head-to-head in a debate over the deaths of two Virginia Beach girls, the result of them being hit by a drunk driver who was an illegal alien. The confrontation between the two men is now legendary as they heatedly shouted down each other with fingers aimed in faces. This example, I believe, is indicative of a growing problem in our nation. We have grown so divided and so suspicious of those who are on “the other side,” that we have...

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