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What to say about WHY I talk to myself

We interrupt phone week for this commercial message from Word of the Week.  And the word is self-talk! A while back, there was a popular book on the market called, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.  I never had that problem.  I always knew what to say when I talk to myself. What I often had trouble with was what to say about WHY I talk to myself.  Maybe I should write a bestselling book!  Hmmm…. For me, it's a way to think things through, work things out in my head.  Sometimes I work them out outside my head.  Sometimes I talk to myself out loud to entertain myself as I figure things out.  Sometimes I do it...

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Reading helps communication

My dd was practically born with a book in her hand.  She LOVED reading and was reading on a college level when she was in 3rd grade.  My son actually taught himself to read using the computer and DVD subtitles when he was about 2yrs old.  So I was shocked that he didn't want to read anything that wasn't computer game instructions! It was like pulling teeth to get Chris to read back then.  I tried covering up most of the page so he could only see a line at a time.  He knew words that were well beyond his years but he just didn't want to read.  Then we found a series of books that were well below his...

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