What to say about WHY I talk to myself

We interrupt phone week for this commercial message from Word of the Week.  And the word is self-talk! A while back, there was a popular book on the market called, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.  I never had that problem.  I always knew what to say when I talk to myself. What I often had trouble with was what to say about WHY I talk to myself.  Maybe I should write a bestselling book!  Hmmm…. For me, it's a way to think things through, work things out in my head.  Sometimes I work them out outside my head.  Sometimes I talk to myself out loud to entertain myself as I figure things out.  Sometimes I do it to entertain others.  I love to make comments to myself as I shop.  It invites people to laugh which is a great way to meet people, make friends and have a good time. But sometimes we talk to ourselves for other reasons, don't we? Why do we talk to ourselves?  Why do you? 1. Because sometimes we're the only one who will listen 2. Because we feel we're the only one who cares. 3. Because often we think we're the only one who understands. 4. Because we think we're the only one who can help. 5. Because many times we're the only one who takes the time. The next question is what do you say to people who notice you are talking to yourself--out loud? 1. I’m having a party for all my personalities. 2. I’m having a parent/teacher meeting. (I homeschool) 3. I’m thinking out loud because the acoustics in my head are especially bad today. 4. I’m really talking to God. And that’s the key right there, isn’t it?  That’s who we SHOULD be talking to.  He listens, He cares, He understands, He will help and He takes the time. If you liked this post, please subscribe to our RSS feed and share the link…


  • JoJo

    LOL I knew I wasn’t the only one!

  • Cindy Holman

    This cracked me up – because I talk to myself (uh – I mean God) all the time!

  • JoJo

    I agree, Carla. I answer me too. lol

  • Carla

    I talk to myself a lot, too. I even answer. They say you should never answer, but I figure. . . Hey, if you’re gonna talk to yourself, you should at least have the courtesy to answer, right? LOL Many, many reasons. . . probably most of yours and others I can’t think of. I think, for the most part, I have debates with myself (sometimes in voices even!) to work things out when there’s no one to help me play point/counterpoint.

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