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I have a standing joke with my kidlings who used to ask for stories all the time. Sometimes I was in a hurry for the story to be over so I'd make up stories that were really short.  One day I began to tell the world's shortest story.  I goes like this: Once upon a time...The end! I got to thinking about Twitter this week and how we strive to communicate succinctly.  Since it's Defending the Faith SONday today I thought I'd try to do the same thing with Twitter's 140 character rule. Here's the Old Testament in 140 Characters or less: GenExLev#DeutJoshJudgeRuthSamsKingsChronsEzNehEsthrJobPsalmsProv EccSolIsJerLamEzekDanHoseaJoelAmosObJonahMicHahHabZephHagZechMal Here's the New Testament in 140 Characters or less: MathMarkLukeJohnActsRom1Cor2CorGalEphPhilColThes1Tim2TimTitus PhilippiansHebJames1Pete2Pete1John2John3JohnJudeRev Have a blessed SONday from...

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How many math scriptures do you know?

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of scriptures where the Lord shares why communication skills are so important, how we should speak to one another and what we shouldn't do when we communicate. Studies show that effective communicators do better in school, in their careers and their relationships.  Statistics say that 87% of what you and I do all day is communication related!  Lack of effective communication is the number one reason listed for marriage to fail.  Yet speech communication is thought of as an elective. I can't think of one scripture in the Bible that speaks of the importance of math.  Can you?  Yet most Christians work hard to make sure their kids master math from 1st through 12th...

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Foot in Mouth Disease

You've all heard the expression, "Open mouth; insert foot!" I call it Foot in Mouth Disease and feet are the delicacy of FIMM: Foot in Mouth Man.  But FIMM is so funny precisely because we all can relate. We have all been FIMMpersonators at one time or another.  It's just that FIMM sticks his foot in his mouth so often he has Athlete's Tongue! There is a story floating around the internet that the Arizona Republic was supposed to have reported.  I cannot find the original story, but that is not unusual as I have been known to search Google for "pickles" and end up with information on juice boxes! The story is about a man named Terry Mikel who...

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