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I have a standing joke with my kidlings who used to ask for stories all the time. Sometimes I was in a hurry for the story to be over so I'd make up stories that were really short.  One day I began to tell the world's shortest story.  I goes like this:

Once upon a time...The end!

I got to thinking about Twitter this week and how we strive to communicate succinctly.  Since it's Defending the Faith SONday today I thought I'd try to do the same thing with Twitter's 140 character rule. Here's the Old Testament in 140 Characters or less: GenExLev#DeutJoshJudgeRuthSamsKingsChronsEzNehEsthrJobPsalmsProv EccSolIsJerLamEzekDanHoseaJoelAmosObJonahMicHahHabZephHagZechMal Here's the New Testament in 140 Characters or less: MathMarkLukeJohnActsRom1Cor2CorGalEphPhilColThes1Tim2TimTitus PhilippiansHebJames1Pete2Pete1John2John3JohnJudeRev Have a blessed SONday from the folks at Art of!


  • jojosblog

    Don’t try and fool me, Cindy. There’s not book of Touche’ in the Bible! LOLOLOL

  • Cindy Holman


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