How many math scriptures do you know?

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of scriptures where the Lord shares why communication skills are so important, how we should speak to one another and what we shouldn't do when we communicate. Studies show that effective communicators do better in school, in their careers and their relationships.  Statistics say that 87% of what you and I do all day is communication related!  Lack of effective communication is the number one reason listed for marriage to fail.  Yet speech communication is thought of as an elective. I can't think of one scripture in the Bible that speaks of the importance of math.  Can you?  Yet most Christians work hard to make sure their kids master math from 1st through 12th grade while spending little, if any, time teaching them to communicate effectively. Think about it. A friendly reminder from JoJo at Art of


  • jojosblog

    Those are indeed scriptures with numbers in them, but to my knowledge, there are no scriptures that tell of the importance of learning math. While there are hundreds and hundreds of scriptures that tell us how important it is that we learn to communicate effectively with one another.

  • LadyHawk

    Creative! I suppose we could start with creation in 7 days, Moses’ 10 Commandments, ark 2×2, not to mention that God works exponentially!

  • Miss Rachel

    Very good post, Mrs. T! I completely agree! Great thought provoker. :)

  • jojosblog

    I guess so Cindy!

  • cindy holman

    I thought I was the only one who thought about this. Great minds think alike, JoJo!!!

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