Facebook Fan Monthly Specials

New!  Art of Eloquence is introducing a brand new monthly event, but JUST for our Facebook Fans!  Each month we will be offering one of our most popular communication studies for LESS THAN $6.  

Some will be offered for LESS THAN $2!  

Here's how it works

1. "Like" us on Facebook and keep watch daily for our monthly announcement! (Picture featured here above). 

2. Purchase as usual using the coupon code provided in that post for that Art of Eloquence title which is to be our featured AoE Facebook Fan page special.  

That's it!  But remember: 

* These special offers are ONLY for our Facebook Fans!

* The coupon code, date of offer, and specific title will ONLY be posted on our Facebook fan page!

* Each month's special Facebook fan offer will be at a different time (and will be valid for a different length of time) during the month so you'll need to check daily.

* Since Facebook limits the number of posts it shows to our fans (about 1-3%), make sure you like and comment as many posts as you can and/or come directly to the Art of Eloquence Facebook Fan Page to see all of our posts for that day.  Otherwise you may miss out on one of our spectacular FB fan offers AND you'll miss out on all the fun, humorous, and educational posts and tips we share there!

What Art of Eloquence title are you anxious to see on sale this year? 

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