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Day 16 of the Countdown to CHRISTmas-12 Days Medley Fun

It's time again for Friday Funnies and one of my favorite CHRISTmas medleys is from Straight No Chaser.  This is an all male a capella group with an amazing sense of humor. Yes some of these are not CHRISTmas songs, but you will be giggling all the while!  Making their fifth appearance here at the Art of Eloquence Video Countdown to CHRISTmas...12 Days of CHRISTmas... x x Are you having a stressful time this CHRISTmas season?  If so, you need more giggles.  Do you know someone who needs more giggles too?  Pass this link on!  I'll see you tomorrow with another video in the countdown.  Until then... If you liked this post, please subscribe to our RSS feed and share...

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Straight No Chaser's 12 Days of Christmas

Making their third appearance here at the Video Countdown to CHRISTmas is Straight No Chaser's 12 Days of Christmas.  WARNING: Do NOT have anything in your mouth when you watch this.  Extreme laughter alert! Music is a powerful form of communication.  It uses several of your senses and it's fun.  For more information on fun ways to learn communication skills for preschoolers through adults, visit Art of!

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Modern Christmas Terms-Add Yours!

The other day, at 3am, I was thinking...(I know.  Letting the creative juices flow so early in the morning is bound to bring about some pretty Friday Funny things) that many of the Christmas terms we use might be considered outdated.  This is the 21st Century, modern times, the age of computers!   I wondered what would happen if we took a closer look at these Christmas terms to see how our modern kids might interpret them if they didn't already know what they meant.  For example: Mistletoe: A rocket launched from the front of your Turbo Rocketman Tennis Shoes complete with sound effects and a laser light show! Advent: Complaining about those silly Christmas ads you see on TV. Myrrh:...

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