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December's Mailbag Monday

It's Mailbag Monday!  The last Monday of the month here at Communication FUNdamentals is always devoted to your comments and questions.  So it's time again for the mail.  Actually, I answer all emails as they come in, but each month I like to take a few and post them here because the answers to some of the issues and questions are beneficial to so many more. First I want to thank all of you who took the time to write in or to post here on my blog.  I get so much SPAM through here that it's nice to read comments from real people!  Keeps me going to know you appreciate what I write and that it is helping you...

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JoJo on Listening

Over the last several years, I have written a great deal on the topic of listening.  Most people know that listening is an important skill but they don't really know why.  Here are a few of the sayings I have used in various articles over the last several years. JoJo on Listening: "1 speaker + 1 Listener = an effective communication equation."  JoJo Tabares "Sometimes the most intelligent thing to say is…nothing." JoJo Tabares "When your audience is no longer listening, it’s always best to stop talking!" JoJo Tabares "You will not persuade another by cutting off his argument. You will only stifle your understanding of how to answer him." -JoJo Tabares I cover this topic in depth in an...

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