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Win some free advertising for your business/ministry on Grace Talk Soup!

Would you like some help promoting your business, mission, blog, website or cause?  Help us promote Grace Talk Soup and win some free air time advertising on the show!  Post our link to your newsletter, website, Yahoo groups, Facebook account, Twitter account or blog and then email us to tell us where you did!  The one who promotes us the most that week will have his/her blog link, site URL, business or cause mentioned on the show! Don’t know what to post? Cut and paste this in! Tune in to the Grace Talk Soup Weekly Podcast featuring Lucy Linguist & Ethel the Editor, starring in “I LOVE LANGUAGE!” each Thursday morning 8am PST/11am EST where these two crazy compadres...

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Christianity in the News today on Grace Talk Soup

Did you know that the mainstream media doesn't report on violations of Freedom of Speech where it involves a Christian? Do you that the UN considers your rights as a parent negotiable? What are the latest news items Christians need to be aware of? Come join us as we discuss them and how we should react? Today on Grace Talk Soup, I'm going to address a few of the latest issues in the news that are important to the Christian community. * Why is it important that we know about these issues? * Why doesn't the main stream media report them? * Why aren't more Christians speaking up? * How do Christians react to these issues and why is that...

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JoJo's Communication Sayings

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I've been blogging for several years now and since I switched my blog over to Word Press, I've been going back to my old blog and trying to bring some of my more insightful posts on communication over here bit by bit.  To my surprise, I found quite a lot of posts worthy of being brought over here to the new improved Communication FUNdamentals.  Color me SURPRISED.  I guess one of he hazards of being a writer is that you always think your earlier work isn't worthy.  Either that or my current articles aren't much better! I don't know. LOL In either case, what I found while sifting through my old articles is a comphilation of several...

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