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Happy Wednesday everyone!  I've been blogging for several years now and since I switched my blog over to Word Press, I've been going back to my old blog and trying to bring some of my more insightful posts on communication over here bit by bit.  To my surprise, I found quite a lot of posts worthy of being brought over here to the new improved Communication FUNdamentals.  Color me SURPRISED.  I guess one of he hazards of being a writer is that you always think your earlier work isn't worthy.  Either that or my current articles aren't much better! I don't know. LOL In either case, what I found while sifting through my old articles is a comphilation of several inspired lines.  Thank you Lord for the inspiration!  I had been posting several great quotes over on Twitter and Facebook and folks seemed to be eating them up.  Of course they are the quotes of the Rich and/or famous!  Yet and still a few of my own lines, especially the recurring ones I like to put in my articles, seemed to be worthy of posting. I took a little impromptu poll over on Twitter and Facebook and it seems that folks are interested in reading them so I thought I'd start with this one:
"While you may manage to live your entire life without making a speech, you will not get through one day without communicating something to someone!" -little old me
What do you think?  Is it worthy of the caliber of quotes I've had on my blog?  Does it SPEAK to you? LOL I like this line so much that I've repeated it in several of my articles and it's currently on the Art of Eloquence home page. If you're on Facebook or Twitter, I'll be posting one a day.  I may come back here and post one or two and expand on it as I wax poetic about a particular communication issue. In the meantime, connect with me on Facebook and Twitter!  My "handle" is JoJo Tabares.  Bet ya never would have guessed!  :D

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  • MeritK

    I do think your quote is pointed and thought provoking!

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