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Trite Right: Fancy Ads That Say...Blah!

Continuing this month with in-depth tips from my article, "12 Deadly Communication Sins of Advertising" is today's two-fold topic of being trite.  Here are two closely related communication faux pas in advertising that results in most readers clicking the delete button or throwing away that flyer. Trite Right Nothing says blah like "Great!", "Fantastic!", "Superb!", "Marvelous!" and "FREE!" These words are so overused that they no longer hold any meaning for potential customers. Use unique words when you describe your products/services. Marvelous can mean almost anything! After all, one man's marvelous is another man's ho hum. These are typical sales words. They scream "I WANT TO SELL YOU SOMETHING!"  Don't use them. SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of screaming, don't use all caps...

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