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Technologically Tired and Fundamentally Frustrated

My blog post for today isn't what I had planned.  Why, is a lesson in technological miscommunication with which I am intimately familiar yet seriously deficient. The reason?  JoJo don't know techno!  Actually, my technological skills, or serious lack thereof, are of lesser impact on my techno troubles today than is my nemesis, Methuselah's,  degrading electronic innerds!  If Ghandi were alive today, he'd have resorted to personal computer violence about a month ago! Guantanamo's got NOTHING on this sort of Techno Torture! So at 4am, after all of 4hrs sleep, I'm thinking I'll work on my blogpost, newsletter, answer a few emails and get a jump start on my day when, what to my unsurprised eyes should appear, but a...

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