Technologically Tired and Fundamentally Frustrated

My blog post for today isn't what I had planned.  Why, is a lesson in technological miscommunication with which I am intimately familiar yet seriously deficient. The reason?  JoJo don't know techno!  Actually, my technological skills, or serious lack thereof, are of lesser impact on my techno troubles today than is my nemesis, Methuselah's,  degrading electronic innerds!  If Ghandi were alive today, he'd have resorted to personal computer violence about a month ago! Guantanamo's got NOTHING on this sort of Techno Torture! So at 4am, after all of 4hrs sleep, I'm thinking I'll work on my blogpost, newsletter, answer a few emails and get a jump start on my day when, what to my unsurprised eyes should appear, but a small computer meltdown and 8 new gray hairs! I never got past my blogpost.  I admit it. I gave up.  Finished!  Game over!  Do not pass go; do not collect $200!  Oh where or where has my new computer gone?  The last status update was on the 13th telling me that it had passed "burn in", whatever in the world that is!  We now sit at 19 days after it was ordered and I don't even know if it's been shipped. Methuseslah is suffering from Electronic Alzheimer's and an advanced case of Elderly Electrodes.  I, on the other hand, am slowly slipping into insanity.  I have minimal function left for things like email.  It takes me hours to complete any decent length post of any kind that is web based. This post has already taken me 35 minutes to complete. I sure hope that old saying holds true.  You know, the one about how hitting your head against the wall is great because it feels so good when you stop.  I'm ready, Lord, to experience the other side of Technological Insanity!  Bring it on!


  • jojosblog

    Thank you Lynn! I am so happy my grey hair amuses you. Somebody should laugh. In fact, I did as I was writing it! ROFL

    I do have good news. My new computer should be arriving at my doorstep by 4:30pm today! TODAY!! That’s only 6 and a half hours from NOW!

    The only thing is, I have to wait for someone more techie than myself to install it and make it work. Please pray for my dh tonight. I have a feeling I’ll be pestering him with endless choruses of “Is it installed yet?”

  • Lynn Mosher

    Oh, JoJo! LOL! While it is funny, I know it’s not to anyone who experiences computer frustration! Sometimes, I think our ancestors had it better. Some days, I think, just give me Mayberry! Will pray your computer is quick to appear! Blessings…Lynn

  • jojosblog

    Yup. I had ordered it 19 days ago knowing old Methuselah was on life support. It’s now a race against time to get it installed and all my programs installed and files transferred over.

  • Stephen Milne

    oops – just read your breaking news ;-). Ignore my previous comment

  • Stephen Milne

    Might be time for poor ol’ Methusala to retire

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