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Gone Phishing

We've been talking about the deadly communication sins of advertising this month and I thought it appropriate to bring out the big guns of funny. has some fun videos that teach on various topics.  This one is about Phishing:   x *SUBSCRIBE HERE*: for More Communication Fun, FREE Gifts and Exclusive Offers! x

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NEW Facebook Advertising Trick!

I don't normally post on Thursdays, but I began to notice a new Deadly Communication Sin of Advertising the other day that was confirmed for me just yesterday.  Since this one is new, it's not part of my article, "The 12 Deadly Communication Sins of Advertising," BUT you should be aware of it.  Here's how it works: You receive an email notifying you that you have a new comment to a Facebook post.  It says you should check out this link for special deals on XYZ. You click on the link to see why someone would have posted this as a response and you find that their comment ISN'T THERE!  Since your post was about how you needed prayer for...

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