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How to Get Say What You Mean for Moms FREE!

It's Back to Homeschool Month here at Art of Eloquence and we have an INCREDIBLE series of special offers for you! How would you like to get three free gifts?  Well, just stay tuned to this blog for details! This week's Back to Homeschool Special Offer: Buy any two homeschool single titles at our regularly low price and get Say What You Mean for Moms free! The picture featured here shows just a FEW of the homeschool materials we have available for PreK-Sr High school!  To check out all Art of Eloquence has to offer your school aged children, click the Homeschool Tab on the website or just click the link above.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is Say What You Mean...

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The Spaghetti Test Method of Communication

Mothers through the generations have told their children that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.  It's sage advice and something that teaches us many lessons about how we should communicate with others.  The following is from the introduction of my newest communication study, Say What You Mean for Moms, the first in a series of communication studies for parents which you may pre order today at a 30% discount! Three of the most important lessons learned from mom's old saying: 1. We should strive for our communication to be grace-filled 2. We should think before we speak. 3. We should be purposeful in how we communicate...which brings me to a technique people have...

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