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Would you spend $997 for an unexplained product?

You may have noticed that the more I get my dander up, the more sarcastic I get, and nothing does it as well as a Communication Pet Peeve! Here's what happened. My husband gets a bunch of emails from various Marketing Gurus each day.  Every so often they invite him to a free seminar where they give away a small amount of free information about marketing your business and then ask you to spend anywhere from $374 to $1997 for their eBook, software product, or consulting services. We've been to so many of these the formula is obvious. It begins with 15 minutes of the host telling you why the Speaker Guru is so great followed by 15 minutes of...

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What people won't do in public

Continuing with Perception Week here at Communication FUNdamentals blog, I bring your attention to the word perception and how things are currently perceived in society.  Last week on my Facebook wall, I wrote about society's current perception of manners.  I'll recap that a bit now and then I'd like to discuss society's current perception of what is inappropriate to do in a public setting.  You won't believe this...or, sadly, maybe you will. A few days ago, I took my son to his theater class.  I have to preface this a bit so you'll appreciate how blatant this was.  His class is upstairs in a tiny room so the kids hardly all fit in.  The parents wait outside in a small...

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Secret Agent Facebook Friend

Are you a Secret Agent Facebook Friend? Okay...this is one of my communication pet peeves!  A friend of a Facebook friend sends you a friend request.  She doesn't add a personal message explaining who she is or why she wants to connect with you.   When you go to her wall to find out more about her, you find she has blocked all the information that could possibly give you a clue.  She could be an Ax Murderer or a Teddy Bear Salesman.  You have absolutely no idea if you want to connect with her. Can you imagine this scenario in "real life?"  You go to a friend's house to visit when her neighbor spots you through the window as she's...

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