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Can You Pass these Perception Tests?

Perception Week began with my article on your perception of what spam is.  It continued with What People Won't Do in Public chronicling some of the changes in what society believes is acceptable, how that has changed our views on civility and how we treat others.   Today I conclude with a little perception test. In order for effective communication to take place, we have to be perceptive of the needs of others.  Society has become so busy and, too often, self-centered that we often don't take the time to notice things and we've lost our ability to perceive important clues that help us communicate effectively and respectfully. Check out this YouTube video... Now view this one... Did that give...

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What people won't do in public

Continuing with Perception Week here at Communication FUNdamentals blog, I bring your attention to the word perception and how things are currently perceived in society.  Last week on my Facebook wall, I wrote about society's current perception of manners.  I'll recap that a bit now and then I'd like to discuss society's current perception of what is inappropriate to do in a public setting.  You won't believe this...or, sadly, maybe you will. A few days ago, I took my son to his theater class.  I have to preface this a bit so you'll appreciate how blatant this was.  His class is upstairs in a tiny room so the kids hardly all fit in.  The parents wait outside in a small...

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