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I didn't say what I just said

I usually have a Friday Funny for you at the end of the week, but this Friday is a bit different.  On Monday, I shared my review of the latest political ads.  I don't think President Obama's ads are working for him.  Reports indicate they aren't working for him. Here is why.  President Obama is his own worst enemy.  He's been caught on video saying dumb things. I guess you can get away with denying you said something that was caught on tape for a while, but as soon as the video goes viral, it's hard to maintain your innocence.  However, when you deny saying something that was caught on tape in a video where you actually show yourself saying...

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Do the latest Obama & Romney ads work well?

I haven't seen many Romney ads here in Arizona, but I have seen this one for President Obama quite a lot: I don't think it works well for him. It doesn't say anything about the President, his record, or what he will do.  It attacks Romney for things that many Americans believe are misleading.  Lastly, it blames Mitt Romney for the mess the country is in, but the viewer is left feeling it doesn't follow.  Romney hasn't been in office for the past four years; the President has.  This feels to the viewer as an all-too-obvious shifting of the blame which the President has been accused of many times before. Those who don't support the president, are not swayed by...

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Rolling Political Messages

If you've seen the news lately, you know that many Americans are upset with the current administration's stance on things like health care reform and the economy.  Many are attending Town Hall Meetings to voice their concerns and communicate their desires for the country.  Most are doing so respectfully and I commend them.  Some, have taken to communicating in a nontraditional manner: on their vehicles. The Talk Talk Show on the Communication Comedy Network had a show last week on communication on the road.  This was not one of the issues we discussed but you might want to listen in as it is somewhat related. NOTE: I'm sorry but I had to close the comments box on this post.  I...

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