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Review of Romney's Speech

Like many people, I watched Mitt Romney's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, after which, there were the usual reviews by the pundits.  I know many of them have been around a lot longer than I have and they've heard many more political speeches, but I'd like to share my thoughts on why I disagree with most of them. Many of them felt Mr. Romney made a great speech, a fabulous speech, one full of powerful words and impressive language designed to drive the crowd into a frenzy.   I disagree. Britt Hume thought it was a good speech, but not a great speech because he felt those made by Paul Ryan and others were much more impressive.  I...

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Analysis of Romney's Victory Speech

Romney did an excellent job of delivering his victory speech the other day. His focus has changed since becoming the presumptive nominee.  He's now focusing on conservative issues vs President Obama's record instead of spending his time attacking the other Republican candidates.  The other candidates are getting behind him and that is unifying the party.  Further, Romney has learned a few things about being a good speaker in the last few months. In this speech, his timing was good.  He hit all the major issues Republicans are concerned about.  He sounded and looked presidential.  He was gracious and uplifting.  While he didn't sound like Ronald Reagan using wit and humor, he did sound and look remeniscent of Reagan in his...

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