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Riddle Me This...Time!

. I scour YouTube for funny videos and keep all kinds of funny "miss steaks" so I can share them all with you each Friday for Friday Funnies.  Well, this week my son was reading a book and ran up to show me this line: "One week from the day before the day after the yesterday that comes three weeks before six months from six weeks from now minus 49 days plus five tomorrows and a next week." Just to have a little fun with language/communication...who can figure out this riddle...when would this be?  Post your answers here as a comment.  Show this to your smartie pants kidlings and see if they can figure it out. Another humor-filled Communication FUN...

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An Inglish Stori

English is a crazy language that wound up with wounds of wisdom.  Does it sound right to you that our houses don’t have mouses?  Why can we oversee what we cannot overlook?  It seems something is not “in wack”, but fat chance trying to work it out-or would that be a slim one? If we slow down for just a minute, we will clearly see that we cannot slow up-or keep up with the strange rules which cause a wise man not to be a wise guy.  It also doesn’t follow that we talk about gooses which are really geese, but never about mooses which are definitely not meese. If I had my way, everything would be spelled “foneticly” and...

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Rush to Hatred

Last week a very popular political figure had to be rushed to the hospital.  No, he isn't a senator or congressman.  He isn't even a politician.  He is a conservative talk radio host. Though I prayed for his recovery, it isn't his illness that brings me to write about him today; it was the reaction of some of those who disagree with his political persuasion. It was the message they sent and the way in which they chose to communicate it.  But more than anything else, it was their rush to hatred and the language of hatred that I wish to discuss. Several blogs and internet news media reported last week that Rush Limbaugh was taken to the hospital with...

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