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Rush to Hatred

Last week a very popular political figure had to be rushed to the hospital.  No, he isn't a senator or congressman.  He isn't even a politician.  He is a conservative talk radio host. Though I prayed for his recovery, it isn't his illness that brings me to write about him today; it was the reaction of some of those who disagree with his political persuasion. It was the message they sent and the way in which they chose to communicate it.  But more than anything else, it was their rush to hatred and the language of hatred that I wish to discuss. Several blogs and internet news media reported last week that Rush Limbaugh was taken to the hospital with...

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5 Political Reasons to Learn Effective Communication Skills

I'm often asked why communication skills are so important.  I hear so many say things like: "After all, with cell phones, email and the internet we are the most connected society who ever lived.";  "The only people who really need to learn effective communication are lawyers and politicians.";  "Most people know what I mean." and "So I'm not Ronald Reagan!" Statistics show that 87% of what you and I do all day long is communication related.  You communicate when you talk to friends, when you discipline your kids, when you share ideas at work, when you share your faith.  I hear some of you out there though thinking, "What's so important?  So I don't get along that well with Aunt...

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