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Wordless Wednesday

If you are a seasoned subscriber here on Communication FUNdamentals, you will remember that this is something I had done on a weekly basis years ago. Much of communication is not in the words we use, but in our body language, eye contact, gestures, tone of voice, etc.  To celebrate this, I want each of you to post a picture on your own blog or Facebook wall or wherever and come back here and post a comment with a link to it. It can be anything from a beautiful scene to a picture of your kids, a picture of you as a child, an animal or your favorite thing!  Just make sure it's family friendly, please! Let's all share a...

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Riddle Me This...Time!

. I scour YouTube for funny videos and keep all kinds of funny "miss steaks" so I can share them all with you each Friday for Friday Funnies.  Well, this week my son was reading a book and ran up to show me this line: "One week from the day before the day after the yesterday that comes three weeks before six months from six weeks from now minus 49 days plus five tomorrows and a next week." Just to have a little fun with language/communication...who can figure out this riddle...when would this be?  Post your answers here as a comment.  Show this to your smartie pants kidlings and see if they can figure it out. Another humor-filled Communication FUN...

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