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Day 21 of the Countdown to CHRISTmas-Little Drummer Boy

Only a few days left of the 5th Annual Video Countdown to CHRISTmas.  Today I bring you the most musically interesting version of Little Drummer Boy by Jars of Clay. I'm afraid the video isn't very visually interesting, but I couldn't find another with this version of this song.  I absolutely adore the drums and rhythm.  The harmony is quite different as well. x x Coming up in the next few days are a few more incredible ways to worship and praise the Lord for the gift of CHRISTmas.  Until then... If you liked this post, please subscribe to our RSS feed and share the link…

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Jars of Clay's Little Drummer Boy

Making their second appearance here on the Video Countdown to CHRISTmas is Jars of Clay with their unique version of Little Drummer Boy. These are my favorite CHRISTmas songs.  Share yours! Music is a powerful form of communication.  It uses several of your senses and it's fun.  For more information on fun ways to learn communication skills for preschoolers through adults, visit Art of!

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Video Countdown: Little Drummer Boy

It's a tradition here at Communication FUNdamentals that we have a video countdown to CHRISTmas!  Folks find the most insprirational, creative and fun ways to communicate their love for the Lord and their CHRISTmas Spirit.  I find their videos to share with you each year. Some will be old favorites and some will be new.  All will communicate the reason for the season in a fun and creative way. The first in the countdown is Jars of Clay's version of Little Drummer Boy!  This is my favorite version of this song but unfortunately, there isn't much "video" to look at.  Enjoy the song! Merry CHRISTmas from your friends at Art of

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