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A Story of Image

Driving through town this past weekend, we saw a young man dressed in "hip hop" like attire with a bit of razor stubble holding a cardboard sign with something on it written in black ball point pen.  Stop right there.  What's the image that comes to mind?  Yup.  That's what we thought, too. On one side was written "Call me" with his phone number.  He mouthed the words, "Call me" and flipped the cardboard sign over.  On the other side was written, "God loves you!"  He mouth the words, "God loves you."  Now what image comes to mind? First of all, the image that came to mind wasn't of him.  It was of me.  The word that came to my...

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Mirror, Mirror on My Words

Mirror, mirror on my words which reflect upon my heart. Interpretation others find whether I choose wisely or do not! Americans understand that we have the right to free speech, but what we often fail to understand is that our communication has consequences.  What we say affects people either negatively or positively.  What we say may be interpreted the way we intended or in a way we never even anticipated. Some of the things we say are of little consequence, but much of what we say may have dire consequences if we are not properly understood.  If we misspeak and everyone comes to our dinner party a day early while we are in our PJ's, it could only be embarrassing. ...

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