Mirror, Mirror on My Words

Mirror, mirror on my words

which reflect upon my heart.

Interpretation others find

whether I choose wisely or do not!

Americans understand that we have the right to free speech, but what we often fail to understand is that our communication has consequences.  What we say affects people either negatively or positively.  What we say may be interpreted the way we intended or in a way we never even anticipated.

Some of the things we say are of little consequence, but much of what we say may have dire consequences if we are not properly understood.  If we misspeak and everyone comes to our dinner party a day early while we are in our PJ's, it could only be embarrassing.  But if we misspeak in our resume, we may not get the job!  If we misspeak while trying to sharing the Gospel with someone, we may inadvertently lead him away from the Lord.

What if we misspeak on our website?  Our sales brochure?  Our book?  Our letter to the editor?  Our ad?

I see so many marketing "gurus" who say that spelling doesn't matter, grammar isn't important and that mistakes are even preferable.  However, did you know that many times your communication is simply dismissed without you having any way of knowing?  How many times do people click out of your website because you have 16 mistakes in the first paragraph?  You may never know unless you engage the help of a good editor.

Our communication matters.  Many times it isn't the words we use but the way we come across that makes or breaks our effectiveness.

If you're looking for a good editor, you won't do better than mine: Carla Ives from A Word Aptly Written.   She not only spots misspelled words from tall buildings in a single bound, but she allows your personality and style to shine through your work.

Want to hear more about this amazing purveyor of fine words?  Check out Grace Talk Soup!  She's my co host each Thursday morning at 8am PST/ 11am EST.  But if you missed the live show, just scroll down to the show's archives and listen to the past recordings.   You'll be very glad you did!


  • cindy holman

    So true! Spelling and grammar ARE important. And Carla if your husband calls you the “anal grammarian” just know that I have been called the “spelling nazi” Yes I have.

  • Carla

    Awww, shucks, ma’am, yer makin’ me blush! And, NO, that is not good grammar!!! ROFLOL

    I agree with you, JoJo. Presentation is SO important, no matter what you are trying to accomplish. I have won a job search more than once, simply because my application was faxed in with a proper cover letter and fax cover sheet. I knew very little about the job, but they were impressed with my “package.” Most of the applications just contained one page, a resume with “CALL ME” scrawled across the top. Doesn’t do in most cases.

    I am one of those (what my husband calls) “anal grammarians” who will indeed back out of a web site when I see many mistakes in the copy. And that’s with credit card in hand. How many sales have YOU missed due to poor grammar and spelling? It’s not that hard to be correct and it can make a BIG difference in your bottom line $$$

  • Gidget

    I just had a situation today where an email I sent to a group was misinterpreted. Thankfully, the targeted recipient took the meaning correctly.

  • Laura

    Wow, well written. It seems we are always hearing about freedom of speech, how it entitles people to say things that can cause harm. Jojo put this so well, that there are still consequences to what you say. Excellent job!

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