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What made Reagan "The Great Communicator?"

On this day in 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born.  Known as The Great Communicator, the 40th U.S. President was admired by both Democrats and Republicans alike for his wit and wisdom, humor and sincerity.  What made Ronald Reagan "The Great Communicator" are the same qualities which can allow you to communicate more effectively.  This could easily fill an entire study of its own, but I'd like to share briefly the most important qualities Ronald Reagan possessed that allowed him to communicate so effectively. Ronald Reagan usually had a simple message which he delivered in a clear and sincere manner.  His humility and authenticity allowed him to be seen as a real person who cared about people.  Regan had an incredible way of...

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Day 19 of the Countdown to CHRISTmas-Hope of the Broken World

Making it's debut appearance this year.  This isn't really a CHRISTmas song, but it's one of my favorites from the group Selah.  It's called Hope of the Broken World and it speaks of why Jesus was born to die for us.  Jesus is salvation, the joy of the earth and the hope of the broken world. The Glory of the Lord is risen on Resurrecton Sunday which we will celebrate in a few months, but first Jesus was born into the the world to be the hope of our salvation. x x I'll have another great video to help us count down the days til CHRISTmas, the celebration of Jesus' birth to be the hope of the broken world.  Until then... If you liked this post, please...

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Are You a Mommy, Mom or Mother?

Monday Q of the Wk. Here’s how it works: Each Monday I ask a thought provoking question about life.  Pose the same question to your blog readers on your own blog along with your answer to the question.  Then come back here and post a comment with a link to your blog post so we can all read everyone’s answers!  It’s been a lot of fun getting to know my readers and their readers and so on and so on… This week’s question: Are you a Mommy, a Mom or a Mother? JoJo’s Answer: Have you noticed that your title changes as your children get older and depending upon whether they are trying to feel ever so grown up?  When...

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