What made Reagan "The Great Communicator?"

On this day in 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born.  Known as The Great Communicator, the 40th U.S. President was admired by both Democrats and Republicans alike for his wit and wisdom, humor and sincerity.  What made Ronald Reagan "The Great Communicator" are the same qualities which can allow you to communicate more effectively.  This could easily fill an entire study of its own, but I'd like to share briefly the most important qualities Ronald Reagan possessed that allowed him to communicate so effectively. Ronald Reagan usually had a simple message which he delivered in a clear and sincere manner.  His humility and authenticity allowed him to be seen as a real person who cared about people.  Regan had an incredible way of connecting with his audience because he truly listened to them.  His passion and use of humor endeared him even further to the American people as he was viewed as a genuinely likable guy.  His vision offered hope to Americans at a time when they had lost confidence in their leaders. In this YouTube video, you will see the wit and humor of The Great Communicator, but you will also see the talent he had for turning a political punch into a punchline. If you liked this post, please subscribe to our RSS feed and share the link…


  • Carla

    I think something else he had that is shared by other great communicators is the ability to make people think he is speaking directly to you.. I never met him (would have loved to), but it came through the television, too. I have been in crowds of people with a person shaking my hand and it felt like they were in a room with me alone. That makes you feel valued and, to me, is a very important communication ability. Maybe it’s the sincerity that offers this?

  • JoJo

    Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment, Crystal. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Crystal Laine Miller

    JoJo, this is wonderful. Love the video you included, too. Humor does help in getting your point across. :)

    Great blog, I’ll try to come back often.

  • H tip

    Here’s something interesting.

  • JoJo

    My husband and daughter were fortunate enough to go to the Reagan Library when he passed away. I wasn’t able to go. He was greatly missed by many, indeed.

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