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Homeschool Super Heroes Week!

Homeschoolers: I just got a private invitation to some fantastic Homeschool Interviews...that are free for you to listen. This is the perfect way to start the school year! Kerry Beck is offering 2 weeks of homeschool interviews - to get your homeschool year off to the right start! She has interviews about homeschooling teens, homeschooling boys, teaching art, teaching history, relaxing as a mom, teaching writing, getting ready for college, what to do with preschoolers, teaching literature, balancing home, homeschooling & hubby.  She has an interview with yours truly about communication skills as well!  You name it, there is an interview for you. Why is she doing this? Kerry knows what it is like to be in the trenches as...

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American History Speech Challenge

How’d you all do on the first Speech Challenge?  Did you all get a bit more comfortable speaking?  Great. Please share your experiences and ask any questions you may have here. Let’s move on to the next step. Sometimes you aren’t as much afraid to get up and speak as you are uncomfortable because you don’t know what to say.  So this week’s challenge is to pick a speech you like from American history and get comfortable with a small part of it.  Read it over several times and envision yourself speaking as if it were YOU giving the speech.  Then…stand up and give the speech!  The idea this week isn’t to memorize it or to deliver the entire speech. ...

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