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President Obama's Health Care Rhetoric is Telling

I've said this here on Communication FUNdamentals before.  President Obama is an accomplished speaker when he delivers a prepared speech.  However, when he speaks off the cuff, he tends to get a little flustered.  When answering or even anticipating tough questions, the President has been side tracked and even stuck his foot in his mouth.  In fact, there are several websites that are now tracking his miscommunication. Though his health care bill has already passed, so many Americans are unhappy with it that the President feels the need to 'sell it' to the people after the fact.  According to several articles, President Obama has been talking in circles.  This article reports his record-setting run on sentence which I feel is...

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Kid's Pledge of Allegiance

I pray that you enjoyed your BBQ's and parties this weekend.  Many are reminding us that this day is really about our Founding Fathers.  I thought I might offer a slightly different point of view.  Our Founding Fathers fought for our freedom, but never forget that true freedom is in Christ Jesus! The Lord gives such amazing talents to each of His children so that each may be a blessing and give glory and honor to Him.  Little children are so precious to watch.  I found this adorable video on YouTube.  This little sweetheart recites the Pledge of Allegiance.  Enjoy!

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