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Nitpicker's Annonymous

Here is part two of my article from last week called Conversation Correction Patrol: My advice when you post on Twitter and Facebook (or any of the other social networking sites) is to stop before you publicly disagree with someone.  Yes, even an obscure post on Twitter or Facebook is a public post.  Reflect on these questions before you hit the “share” button: 1. Is it really a mistake or are you reading too much into it? Are you perhaps being too picky, stretching the meaning, reading it out of context?  Is what they posted really a problem or are you looking for situations in which the statement could be taken another way.  Did the other party mean it the...

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Does *Speling* and *Badly* Grammar Count?

This month we've been talking about the deadly communication sins of advertising from my article, "The 12 Deadly Communication Sins of Advertising."  What a coinkydink, eh?  Today I'd like to talk about: *Badly* Grammar and *Speling* The written word has always required proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, but in recent years, email has become an accepted form of communication with our customers. Email is generally a more informal communication prone to incomplete sentences, abbreviations and typos. These are all generally accepted as appropriate among friends and co workers, not, however, for customers! Misspellings, typos and bad grammar all tell our customers that we don't take the time to do things properly. Done too often, it can make a message almost...

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Can you spot the errors?

I thought we'd have some fun with words today.  Here are a list of sentences, each with a "miss steak" in them.  Can you spot the errors?  If you can, get your kids and let them have a go! 1. I except your challenge to compete in the race with one hand tied behind my back! 2. Your pleas for mercy had no effect on him. 3. What am I suppose to do about her? 4. He came towards me with a look of sadness. 5. The medicine didn't affect her sleep, but she did have several other side effects. 6. I could care less if he doesn't take me to the dance! 7. For all intensive purposes, I am...

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