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Occupy Wall Street: Effective Use of Freedom of Speech?

Occupy Wall Street:  Effective Use of Freedom of Speech? By JoJo Tabares I have to admit that, for the longest time, I really didn't understand this movement.  I remember when it first came to my attention, I began searching the internet to see what they were about.  The media equated them with the Tea Party, others  denounced them as an unruly mob, but I couldn't seem to get a handle on what they believed or their mission.  Never one to report on an issue I simply didn't understand or take one man's opinion as Gospel, I simply didn't comment. After some research and watching the effect on the cities they occupy, I have come to a number of conclusions I'd like to share at...

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I dunno or Let it Go

Have you subscribed to Communication FUNdamentals’ RSS Feed?  Don’t miss a post! x We're getting near the end of Grace Month. Just a few more posts to go and then I'll have a seminar on Grace and Godly Communication with even more information on this topic and a chance for you to get involved in the discussion and share your thoughts and experiences on the topic. Today I'd like to share with you two more excerpts from my article, 10 Quick Ways to Disagree in Grace.  These two sound kind of like no brainers, but you'd be amazed at how little they are used! 7. Say "I Dunno" When you don't know the answer someone needs, the most intelligent thing...

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Give Grace A Chance

Have you subscribed to Communication FUNdamentals’ RSS Feed?  Don’t miss a post! x After reading my title, I have that song stuck in my head now, don't you?  "Just Give Grace a Chance..."  Continuing Grace Month with excerpts  from my article, "10 Quick Ways to Disagree in Grace" we come to numbers five and six.  I pray these tips have been a blessing to you and I would ask that you please pass along the link to my blog posts as there are so many Christians struggling to find comfortable or more effective ways in which to disagree. x Sometimes Christians find that they may disagree with other Christians over doctrine or how they interpret scripture.  I have seen Christians...

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