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Mailbag: 5 Advantages of Art of Eloquence eBooks

We receive some wonderful questions and comments from Art of Eloquence customers each month.  Since many of them have incredible insights and bring up quite interesting ideas, I thought I would begin sharing them with you all about once a month or so. Here's this month's question: "Why don't you sell hard copy books any longer and what are the advantages of an eBook?" -Dianne Dianne, In November of 2008, we became aware of the Child Protective Services Initiative Act (CPSIA) that was passed under the radar and remained unknown to most small business owners until that time.  This law made it very difficult and quite expensive for small business owners to continue selling products manufactured for children under 12. ...

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I am a postal thief

In the category of "What's Wrong with this Picture?", I nominate the following bad example of government run programs: It's funny because I just got through remarking to my dh how much improved the US Postal Service has been in the last several years, but I had forgotten about the USPS website where you can "Click n Ship."  I have had so many problems with their website not allowing me to sign on, not letting me ship internationally from the site, going down in the middle of a transaction, timing me out before I got all my labels name it! The reason I forgot is because several months ago, when the government in it's infinite insanity decided to penalize...

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Dr. Seuss Meets the CPSIA!

I have been blogging about the Child Protection Safety Initiative Act for a few months now.  It went into effect under cover of darkness and was supposedly designed to protect our children from lead poisoning which was a real concern born out of the state of toy making in China.  It blossomed as UNTHINKING legislators threw law together with the intent only to make themselves look like they were actually doing something about the problem. However, instead of requiring testing from toys coming from China or other foreign countries, the law requires every product manufactured for children 12 and under to go through rigorous and expensive testing in order to be compliant.  This included things that were never known to...

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