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Speaking in Grace does not include arguing. No...REALLY!

Have you subscribed to Communication FUNdamentals’ RSS Feed?  Don’t miss a post! x It's Grace Month here at Communication FUNdamentals and we're up to number nine in my article 10 Quick Rules for Disagreeing in Grace.  I pray these have been a great blessing and, if you know someone who might benefit from them, please pass the blog links along!  Without further adieu I give you another ah...don't! 9. Don't Argue Art of Eloquence created a puzzle download with a very powerful saying on it.  "Don't argue with a fool.  Someone watching might not be able to tell the difference" -Author Unknown  Arguing only inflames the other party and renders them incapable of really listening to what you have to...

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April is Grace Month

Have you subscribed to Communication FUNdamentals' RSS Feed?  Don't miss a post! x All this month I'll be talking about the role of grace and godly communication in our daily lives from our marriages, kids, neighbors, family, friends and co-workers to how we handle the phone and social media.  I'll be sharing tips from my article, "Ten Quick Rules for Disagreeing in Grace" and expanding on it to include more insights.  I'll even share some from my upcoming new study, Say What You Mean: Avoiding, Reducing and Resolving Conflicts. After checking out my article, for a little fun you can visit FIMM (Foot in Mouth Man) for some of his misadventures in miscommunication.  There will be a new episode this...

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Want more free articles & gifts?

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I have a lot of fun pictures, videos and articles to share here on Communication FUNadamentals.  What you may not know, is that you can get even more free articles packed with communication tips as well as free gifts and exclusive offers if you subscribe to our What's New at Art of Eloquence eNewsletter! We give away free gifts and products, usually for, but not limited to, the major holidays.  Two weeks ago, we gave away a free copy of my very first JoJoisms eBook on Communication to ALL of our newsletter subscribers--no strings attached! We also provide our Art of Eloquence newsletter subscribers with exclusive...

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