Art of Eloquence and Grape Stuff Teaming Up for Family!

Family 1Here at Art of Eloquence, we have always been about family.  Better communication means happier families so, when an opportunity presented itself to team up with Grape in support of families, it was a perfect fit! Grape Stuff is a new company with a mission to provide great (grape) products in support of families.  It's first product, the Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill Mat helps families by allowing them to get together outdoors without technology (that often gets in the way of real communication) and just be with each other, making memories. Grape Stuff recently had a blog article about how doctors now prescribing the Great Outdoors for what ails us.   Art of Eloquence has long been prescribing old fashioned communication for what ails families. So in the interest of families everywhere, we are getting the word out about the importance of families, family time and old fashioned communication.  We suggest you all spend as much time in the great outdoors with family and friends and having good, clear communication so that you can make memories.  We join together with Grape Stuff and highly recommend the Grape Grill Buddy BBQ Grill Mat! We'd love to hear your family summer BBQ stories.  Please leave a comment sharing some fun memories you and your family have made this summer and over the years.

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