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Yesterday in 1876: First two-way phone conversation

Continuing with Innovation and Discovery Week here on the blog... Yesterday was the anniversary of the first two-way phone conversation.  On this plaque: "From this site on October 9, 1876 the first two-way long distance telephone conversation was carried on for three hours. From here in Cambridgeport Thomas G. Watson spoke over a telegraph wire to Alexander Graham Bell at the office of the Walworth Mfg. Co. 69 Kirby Street, Boston, Mass. While I wasn't able to get a video of the first two-way, long distance telephone conversation, I was able to find one explaining how the first two-way, transatlantic telephone conversation worked. In 1926 The Post Office and Bell Laboratories engineered the world's first two way transatlantic telephone conversation...

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A celebration of communication technology

This week's word is: Technology!  Word of the Week is a bit different this week as we are celebrating technology. As I shared on Monday, I'm celebrating communication technology this week in honor of Johannes Gutenberg (the inventor of the printing press) who died on Feb. 3rd in 1468.  The printing press was a huge advancement in communication, but there have been many others that have contributed to our growing and changing communication.  Here are just a few of the amazing technological advancements in communication: 1439 Gutenberg's Printing Press 1835 Samuel Morse develops Morse Code 1876 Alexander Graham Bell exhibits the electric telephone 1877 Thomas Edison patents the phonograph 1901 Guglielmo Marconi transmits radio signals 1925 John Logie Baird transmits the first...

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