Are you happy now?!

A while back I had  a strange customer service experience when ordering my cell phone.  The entire incident was hilarious with lots of communication faux pas and I'm sure I'll be sharing that at another time.  Sometime soon Carla and I will be having a Grace Talk Soup show on cultural and regional differences on communication.  This little tidbit is a great warm up for that show. The customer service department for Best was apparently in India where they have extensive training in various aspects of the English language in order to converse with customers here in America.  However, some cultural or regional differences or perhaps American customs and expressions  in communication were apparently not addressed. After a quite lengthy discussion about why my cell phone had not shipped where I still was unable to understand the reason for the delay, I was told I was going to be given a $25 gift certificate for my trouble.   The customer service rep took my information down and boldly asked..."Are you happy now?" Rolling laughter could be heard emanating from my office long after she hung up! Learning Communication skills can also be fun with Art of!


  • Carla

    Oh, my!!! You mean to say you didn’t answer her? ROFLOL

    Yes, there are lots of things that can give us a laugh these days with our “offshore” customer service. I have heard some of the strangest accents on the other end of the line. Along with A Word Aptly Written and Grace Talk Soup, I sell Avon. Avon outsources “some” of its customer service to its reps. I have had quite a few colorful conversations with folks swearing to me that they are Americans. Yeah, right. To quote an old country song, “I was born in the dark, but it wasn’t last night.” :) I have occasionally had to ask for someone who spoke better English so I could do my business and, gratefully, hang up.

    Can’t wait for our show when we highlight a lot of these things. Hey, it’s frustrating so what can we do BUT laugh at it, right? Communication FUNdamentals. . . heavy on the fun!

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